Bóng đèn UV D287T5 14W bộ đèn UV-201

bong den uv 201


  • Mã bóng đèn UV: D287T5
  • Công suất: 14W
  • Chiều dài: 340 mm
  • Hãng sản xuất: Shann Chih
  • Thay thế cho bộ đèn: UV-201
  • Product Specifications/Features :

    1. Specifications:
       . Flow Rate:
         . Clean Water: 1.5Gpm/6Lpm
         . DI, R.O. Water: 2Gpm/8Lpm
       . Voltage Available:
         . 220 ~ 240V
         . 50/60Hz
       . UV Germicidal Lamp: 14W x 1 (model: UVC-D287T5)
       . Ballast: 14W x 1
       . Dimension: 64 x 340 mm
       . Inlet/Outlet Size: 1/4 inch NPT
       . Max. Working Pressure: 125 PSI
       . Chamber/Housing: No. 304 stainless steel
       . Quartz Sleeve Model: No. SQ230300
       . Lamp Failure Warning System: LED + alarm
       . Lamp Average Life: 9,000hrs
    2. Features:
       . High quality quartz lamp and sleeve keep high output of UV emit.
       . Quick and simple installation
       . Long service life saves your money.
       . Polished stainless steel reactor chambers strong the UV reflection.
       . Visual LED display indicator and audible alarm for lamp failure
       . The most natural way to protect your water safely
       . Easy lamp replacement and maintenance
       . Wide application, able to be used in various water treatment areas
       . Neither add any chemical complexes nor change the taste and odor of the water, it will not remove any beneficial minerals in the water.
       . It is able to kill 99.9% destruction of bacteria and virus under the standard water quality and flow