Van 5 cổng hút muối Ø34 F64A

Van loc nuoc 5 cong
  • Van hút muối (dùng cho cột Làm mềm) Ø 34
  • Hãng SX: Runxin
  • Chức năng: lọc, xúc xả, hút muối tái sinh
  • Vận hành: Vận hành bằng tay
Technical Parameter:
Controller model: Manual / Down-flow
Suited pressure: 0.1 - 0.6MPa
Suited water temperature: 5-45℃
Water Capacity: 4.5t/h
Tank Diameter Range for Softens: 6”-18”
Water Inlet/Outlet: 1”F (Inner tooth)
Drain: 1/2”M (Outer tooth)
Brine Tank Connection: 3/8”M (Outer tooth)
Rinse Pipe: 1.05”OD (26.7mm)
Base (The connector for tank): 2-1/2” 8NPSM
1)Adopt the high degree pottery, seal slice with scuff resistance, corrosion proof, perfect sealing, and long time for using.
2)Manual operate directly realize regeneration immediately.
3)Cleaning the ejection nozzle automatically when adding water, to prevent block.
4)No coming water while single pot type control valve regeneration.
5)When do not need soften function, block ejection nozzle could do purifier treatment.
Rang of Application:
1)Household purify, soften system.
2)Boiler softening water system.
3)Ro pre-treatment system.
4)Swimming pool filters equipment.
5)Ion exchange equipment.