Van tay 3 ngã Ø27 F56E

Van loc nuoc 3 cong
  • Van lọc nước Ø 27
  • Hãng SX: Runxin
  • Chức năng: lọc, xúc xả
  • Công suất: 1 - 2 m3/giờ
  • Vận hành: Vận hành bằng tay
Technical Parameter:
Controller model: Manual
Suited pressure: 0.1 - 0.6MPa
Suited water temperature: 5-45℃
Water Capacity: 2t/h
Tank Diameter Range for Softens: 6”-10”
Water Inlet/Outlet: 1/2 or 3/4”F (Inner tooth)
Drain: 1/2 or 3/4”F (Inner tooth)
Rinse Pipe: 1.05”OD (26.7mm)
Base (The connector for tank): 2-1/2” 8NPSM
1.Adopt the high degree pottery, seal slice with scuff resistance, corrosion proof, perfect, sealing, and long time for using,
2.Reasonable fluid design: Service—Fast Rinse—Backwash—Fast Rinse—Service.
3.Small rotation angle for closing and opening, It feel swell for operation.
4.It could operation with pressure, no leakage.
Rang of Application:
1)Household purify, soften system.
2)Boiler softening water system.
3)Ro pre-treatment system.
4)Swimming pool filters equipment.
5)Ion exchange equipment.